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Pete Lashley - Lake District based singer-songwrite

Voices from the Ocean Road

Voices from the Ocean Road by Pete Lashley

Release Year: 2008


  1. It All Comes Round
  2. Voices From The Ocean Road
  3. Will You Offer Me Your Hand?
  4. Heading Down From Flinders
  5. With Someone Else
  6. That Old Sixth Sense
  7. Mountain Holiday
  8. Tail Of The Comet
  9. Good Ship Loch Ard
  10. Urban Skyline

‘Voices From The Ocean Road’ A tremendous collection of 10 songs inspired by Pete’s journey along the ‘Great Ocean Road’. Linking past and more contemporary events, nature and basic human emotion, this album is really a concept album of the highest order, paying homage to a unique part of the world.

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