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Pete Lashley - Lake District based singer-songwrite


Hello folks. Hope you enjoy browsing through the website of singer/guitarist/songwriter extraordinaire PETE LASHLEY, a chap whose music continues to thrill audiences wherever he goes. Hogwart Tesant, renowned author of horsewhip periodical ‘LASH Monthly’, described one of Pete’s recent performances as “brash, purposeful, spontaneous, and damned right frisky”. These aren’t my words. No. Indeed, need I say anything other than Pete’s music speaks for itself.
As you might gather I am a big FAN!
It gives me great pleasure therefore to present to you the following biography.

B. Igfanny


Pete Lashley arrived back in England in April 2001 following a memorable 6 month busking session which took him and a couple of friends across New Zealand and Australia thrilling street crowds with great spontaneous music. One of the highlights of the journey for Pete was doing a New Year’s Eve performance with his good friends Trippy and Jude at Auckland Harbour in front of thousands, getting everybody to sing along to their vibrant tones and throw money in a big hat. It worked a treat. Performances followed in the streets of Wellington, Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne.

Following this once in a lifetime experience Pete realised he wanted to concentrate full-time on performing and songwriting.

2002 therefore saw him complete his first debut album ‘PETE LASHLEY’ followed quickly in the same year by ‘SOUTHERN UPLAND’. 2003 brought 12 new songs in ‘GRAVEL’ an album packed full of undeniable quality. Then in 2004 Pete released a collection of 10 more great original songs in the form of ‘SLATE’.

2005 took him to new heights with ‘AIR OF THE GODS’ and 2006’s ‘CUTTING OUT THE MIDDLEMAN’ saw Pete once again craft a body of work which worked exceptionally well from start to finish. In 2007 Pete returned to tour New Zealand and Australia, this time for four months with a ‘Baby Taylor’ guitar, and stopped off to play on San Francisco’s waterfront on his way back home. This tour inspired the 2008 release ‘VOICES FROM THE OCEAN ROAD’, a themed/concept album based on the ‘Great Ocean Road’ area of South East Australia. ‘IT ALL COMES ROUND’ (completed and released in 2010) is an album where Pete adds his own unique interpretation to traditional songs and tunes from the classical, folk and blues world of music. This album was followed up by ‘LAKELAND TRAILS’ (2012), an album packed full of quality original songs written by Pete or co-written with good friends Sean Mellor, Mike Tripp and Pete’s brother Rich. The album also features some great musicians including Carl Iredale (bass & Chapman Stick), Andy Smith (drums), Ade Todd (drums on ’86 Pembroke Road’) & a guest appearance from Mike Tripp on 12 String Guitar (also on ’86 Pembroke Road’). ‘LAKELAND TRAILS’ is an album named after the superb inspirational running events that take place throughout the Lake District on a regular basis. Like these exceptional events, Pete’s stunning ‘Lakeland Trails’ album draws much of its strength from the beauty and majesty of the Lake District landscape. Pete’s prolific output as a songwriter coupled with his willingness to explore and put a new take on a vast array of cover material has meant that his live performances remain vibrant, accomplished and refreshingly varied. As well as the live performances at specific venues there is the busking which has seen Pete become a regular favourite of Lake District streets. Pete and his music continue to impress wherever they go, whether they be on the street, down the local, in the concert hall, or on the stereo.

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